LIC Policy Status

Are you looking for your LIC policy status? It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated and do not let your LIC policy lapse before the maturity period. Many of us just rely on our LIC agent. Apart from LIC Agent, you should also know how to check the LIC policy status yourself. World’s largest life insurance company “Life Insurance Corporation of India” (LIC of India) has millions of policyholders and millions of lic policy being issued every year.

Benefits/Objectives of checking your LIC Policy status periodically.

  • To know the current value of your LIC policy
  • To make sure every information is accurate
  • To avoid policy being lapsed
  • To know when your premiums are due
  • To Know how much loan you can avail on your policy (If applicable)

There are 4 ways to check your LIC policy status:

1. Your LIC Agent:

You can call your LIC Agent and ask him/her to provide the SR (Status Report) of your LIC policy, which is actually a print out of all the information of your policy. LIC agents also has access to Agents portal, where they can check the policy details and send you a screenshot or email the details to your email address.

2. LIC Helpline 1251

You can call toll-free LIC helpline No. 1251 (from MTNL or BSNL Phones) and quote your LIC Policy number on IVR to check the status. LIC of India has a dedicated contact center and helpline number, where you can call and get all the information regarding your policy, loan, surrender value, due date and other useful information that you may want.

3. Check your policy details online:

You can also check your policy details online by logging into your account on if you don’t have the account on official LIC website yet, you may register and add your policy in your account. To register your account, you need to have your LIC policy number, Premium amount etc.

4. Policy status by SMS

LIC of India is keen to utilize the latest technology to provide best service to their policyholders. Now you can also check the policy status by SMS. You can check the following details:


For example:

AskLIC 888812345 Loan

and send it to 56677

Using all the methods above, you can check your LIC policy status online, by sms, by phone, Anytime and anywhere.

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  1. sanjay muhury says:

    I have Market Plus Policy No 645401374 date of vesting 04/12/2011
    I have already sent my option form duly signed along with original copy of policy certificate No- 074524 to LIC office Barkatpura Hyderabad vide my letter No 46499M/Pers/12/2011 dated 12Nov2011.The maturity amount due to me is yet to be credited into my A/C.Please intimate the status of the case.



    • Amit Kumar says:

      When I will get your reply which is mentioned above.

      Yours faithfully
      Amit Kumar,

    • Karenakaran Suresh says:

      Dear Sirs,
      I have LIC Policies Nos. 390683289,395151005,395348556,395348432 & 394580734 in my name. Out of which, may I have the current status and the amount due to me as vested bonus against my LIC policy No. 390683289(Jeevan Surabhi)which will be due on 10.08.2013.

      Thanks and best regards,
      K. Suresh

  3. Kayalaimoni devi sarah says:

    Dear sir I would like to know the current ststus of my policy NO:917043506 which has matured recently. Thanks and regards

  4. Dr. B, SURYANARAYANA says:

    LIC of India is doing good service. May be that the bonus of all the policies should be enhanced as the cost of living has increased.
    thank you

  5. bhagchand meena says:

    Please tell me about my lic policy no.186706020.send me premium paid statments on line. thank you.

  6. v.s behere says:

    plz.send me my all policy details on above email

  7. Prabjeet singh says:

    i want to pay my premium online kindly advise how to pay.

  8. dear sir, i paid my primum together in2009until my policy end or due my policy number 810031047. please send me how mutch payment and when is due. thank you.

  9. dear sir, my policy #810031047 please send me when payment is due. thank you,

  10. Chippe Chinna Venkat Subbaiah says:

    Please tell me my policy status as early as possible.

  11. kailash bhojraj ramchandani says:

    I am holder of policy number 943108909 having paid INR3 lacks as premium for first three year. As my LIC agent is not responding to my queries I would like to know the status of my policy.
    As I understand from the agent that I could pay first three preimiums and close the policy and I would be still covered.
    Please advise urgently.
    kailash ramchanani

  12. syed khurshid hassan says:

    policy status of policy no.551361086

  13. Kishore Kumar Sharma says:

    I want to know whether payment of my policy numbers 442729609,440257261 and 443720643 have been made

  14. kamal kumar says:

    hi LIC india I would like to know about policu status 116183058
    half yearly premuim

  15. prakash h.chawla says:

    want to register my policy premium to pay online

  16. b.s.rangaswamy says:

    my policy no 721406847 jeevansri
    although i have paid up to date premium recieved lapse intimation why

  17. dhaval panchal says:

    i want to know that when my next primium due date policy no are 876594010 and 876597041

  18. Bishweshwar kumar mahto says:

    I did not get the survival benefit of my policy no.551431078

  19. neha sen says:

    sir, pl. let me know details about the policy no. 522762977 of quarterly amount paid of Rs. 2107. and also another policy no. 522767686 of quarterly amount paid of Rs. 2107.

    thanks and regards

    • bishweshwarkumarmahto says:

      i have purchased policy no.551431078 on 15.02.1999.Till now I did not get the bonus amount.

  20. Sir, Let me know details about the policy no. 523511592 of amount Rs. 2579 yearly.
    thanks and regards

  21. RAJU KUMAR says:

    I have a policy holder of lic my policy no. is 532266479, Therefore I want to policy status of online.


  22. Nalin Kumar Gandhi says:

    Re:-Policy Number 120780730 of Nalin Kumar Gandhi
    I have sent my matured original policy with the discharge notice to your Mall road Delhi Branch, as per your letter M/072012/000457 Dated 11/5/2012.This was sent by registered post on 11th. July 2012. The policy is maturing on 28/7/2012.
    Please confirm if the post has been received by you & when should I expect the cheque of Rs.43975, the net amount payable as per your above quoted letter. Please reply by mail on the email address given above.
    Nalin Kumar Gandhi

  23. ANIL KUMAR T.M. says:

    pl.get me the status of my policy no 967139320

  24. parth mistry says:

    sir my policy number is 831863138 and my maturity date is 28/3/2016 so can u tell me after my maturity date how many rupeess i gate pls tell me on email

  25. Sir pls give me full informtion about my policy no.516740988

  26. parmjit singh says:

    pl. give present status of my policy no. 125997350 phone 09899022102

  27. mrs. saumya d. shetty says:

    policy no.920340006 matured on 06/08/2012 amt. not recd. please expedite or contact me over my mobile no. 9861098797 thanks

  28. policy number 614608839 status

  29. Mathapati Mallayya Shivanand says:

    Please send me the detailed status of policies no. 953763433 and 953763718. Also give me the details of money back paid till today

  30. upendra prasad says:


  31. M.K.Bhattacharjee says:

    what is my policy No. 422443204 status

  32. arumugam says:

    dear sir my policy no 716846622 status regard my email address send to me

  33. shiv babu says:

    dear sir my policy no 313140108 status regard my email address send to me


    shiv babu

  34. Ejaz ahmad says:

    My agent portal not working in this time.plz help me


    MY POLICY NO 435883031.
    Please how to fill up my Revival form. Please share my mail, i will be highly obliged to you. F . No- 680. Please share my Mail or facebook.

  36. Muddarusu Pushparaju says:

    Dear sir, How to see my LIC status.

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